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Idol Wing - Economic Offenses Wing

Economic Offences Wing

    Idol theft cases were investigated by a small team of officials in CB-CID till the year 1980. During the year 1980 there was a sudden increase in thefts of Panchaloga idols. The thefts of such idols from the temples affected the sentiments of the local people. A proposal was initiated by the Director-General of Police to re-organize the strength allotted for investigating the idol theft cases. The Government accepted the proposal, constituted Idol Wing CID Vide G.O.Ms.No.2098 Home (Police IV) Dept Dt. 7.10.1983, with 1 SP, 1 DSP, 5 Inspectors, 3 SIs, 4 HCs, 3 Gr.I PCs and 13 Gr.II PCs. The unit functions from the Head Quarters, Chennai.
          In the year 2000, CB-CID was bifurcated and Idol Wing was brought under the control of Economic Offences Wing in accordance with the order issued in the Chief Office Proceedings Rc.No.RAI (2)/273552/98 dt.30.12.1999.
          At present Idol Wing CID is headed by DIG-Idol Wing and assisted by one DSP and 5 Inspectors of Police.
Primary functions of the Idol Wing CID
  • To investigate cases of theft of idols and antiques exceeding value of Rs.5 Lakhs.
  • To investigate idol theft cases referred to it by the State Government.
  • To co-ordinate in the investigation of important idol theft cases handled by the District Police
  • Collection of intelligence on nefarious activities of antique dealers and art collectors.

The Antiquities And Art Treasures ACT, 1972
          This Act is enacted to regulate the export trade in antiquities and art treasures, to prevent smuggling of and fraudulent dealings in antiquities.
Important Sections
Section 2 (1) – ‘Antiquities’ - which have been in existence for not less than 100 years Viz.,
            a. Sculptures in stone, terracotta, metals, ivory.
            b. Painting in paper, wood, cloth, skin etc
            c. Manuscripts
Section.3: It is unlawful for any person, other than the Central Government or any authority authorized by Central Government to export antiquity or art treasure.
Section.5: Antiquities to be sold only under a licence.
Section.14: Any person who owns controls or is in possession of any antiquity shall register the same before the registering officer and should obtain a certificate.
Section.25 : If any person exports or attempts to export any antiquity or art treasure is liable for punishment for a term not less than 3 months which may extend to 3 years and with fine.

 Name & Designation of the officers
 Telephone Numbers
Thiru. A.G.Ponn Manickavel. IPS.,
Deputy Inspector General of Police Idol Wing CID
Office    + 91 – 44 – 2622 0313
Tr. S. Selvaraj,
Deputy Superintendent of Police,
Idol Wing CID
+91 94443 63156
Inspector of Police
Idol Wing CID

+91 98407 70087

Office Address
No. C-48, IInd Avenue,
TNHB Complex, 3rd Floor,
Anna Nagar,
Chennai – 600 040.
Tamil Nadu, India.
+91 – 44 – 2622 03 31
e-mail :

Name & Designation of the officers
Telephone Numbers
044 - 26220307
                 IGP - EOW-I
044 - 26220308
Tmt. Z.Annie Vijaya, SP - CCIW
044 - 26220313

Deputy Superintendents Of Police - CCIW

Office No
1 Tr.   Chennai  9940144944
2 Tr.R.Tamilarasan   Thanjavur  04362-200379
3 Tr.Bhackthavasam   Salem  0427-2331165
4 Tr.V.Muthusamy   Coimbatore  0422-2217271
5 Tr.Pon Sivanandam   Madurai  0452-2562626
6 Tr.C.Xavier Edmond Ravi kumar   Tirunelveli  0462-2554300
7 Tr.K.Anbalagan   Vilupuram  04146-227302

Following sections of IPC are invoked for prosecuting accused involved in CCIW offences.
1420 I.P.C.:Cheating
2408 I.P.C:Breach of trust committed by clerk or servant.
3409 I.P.C.:Breach of trust committed by Public servant or Banker or Merchant or Agent.
4466 I.P.C.:Forgery of Records of Court or Public Register.
5467 I.P.C.:Forgery of Valuable Security, will etc.
6468 I.P.C.:Forged for the purpose of Cheating.
7471 I.P.C.:Using forged document as genuine.
8477 I.P.C.:Falsification of Account.
9120B I.P.C:Conspiracy

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